miércoles, julio 26, 2006

Cuban Neurosurgeon has been trying for more than 12 years to leave Cuba.

Dr. Hilda Molina, the Cuban doctor who has been trying for more than 12 years to leave Cuba to visit her son and grandsons in Argentina, told La Nación newspaper that she is afraid of what Castro could do to her family.

"I don't know if it is that I am nervous, I know that I am becoming paranoid. I cannot sleep because I am terrorized at what could happen to my family. When one lives under a system like this one, you are always nervous. I am afraid not for me, but for my family”, Dr. Molina told La Nacion.

"I am afraid that Castro's wrath could translate into harm to my family. I would like for all this violence to end, I feel ill and tired. I want my mother to die in peace without having to see a reaction of the Cuban government against my family," she said.

Dr. Molina's mother is 87 years old. The Cuban dictator has refused to allow these two women to visit their relatives in Argentina. One of the reasons for not allowing Dr. Molina to l"eave Cuba, according to Cuban officials, is that "her brain belongs to the government" because she received her medical education in Cuba.

This is the same education that some ignorant refer to as being 'free.' How can it be free when you become a slave of the Cuban dictator for life? Dr. Moline tells Argentinean daily La Nacion that she is “terrorized”.

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