jueves, julio 20, 2006

Cuban doctor is in danger of being killed by common criminals.

Wife says imprisoned husband fears for his life.

By: Luís Esteban Espinosa. *

Ciego de Ávila, Cuba, July, 2006.

The wife of political prisoner Dr. José Luis García Paneque, one of the 75 dissidents arrested in 2002 says her husband is in danger of being killed by common criminals.

Yamilé Llanes, a lawyer, told the Cuban Human Rights Foundation that her husband fears falling asleep because that's when he might be attacked by common prisoners acting on behalf of State Security. She said he has been attacked and beaten many times by such prisoners.

Llanes said her husband enjoyed good health when he first imprisoned by has since lost 80 pounds.

Dr. García Paneque is serving a 24-year sentence at Las Mangas Prison in Granma Province.

* Periodista Independiente cubano. Agencia Jóvenes sin Censura.

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Dr.Paneque, trained as a plastic surgeon, is a member of the unofficial Cuban Independent Medical Association and director of the independent news agency Libertad and of the unofficial Journalists' Society, "Manuel Marquez Sterling." He was also reportedly involved in the Proyecto Varela initiative as well as in directing a private library. Dr. Garcia Paneque was detained on 18 March 2003. Following a search of his house, materials, correspondence and medical equipment were reportedly confiscated. He was charged and summarily tried under Law 88 and Article 91 of the Cuban Penal Code and sentenced to 24 years in prison. Since then, his weight has dropped from 86 to 48 kg. due the development of intestinal mal absorption syndrome, and he is presently in a prison hospital in Havana, 700 km. away from his hometown. According to his wife, Cuban authorities keep her husband in prison even while he suffers an illness that is incompatible with a prison routine and when his life is in danger. Dr. Garcia Paneque’s family is presently being threatened with an imminent mob attack against their home in Las Tunas.

Family: (Wife)Yamilé Llánez Labrada, (a lawyer) Four children ages 6,8,10,15
Address: Calle Emilio González No.63, entre Eliades Ávila y José Licea, Reparto Aguilera, Las Tunas, Cuba
Telephone: + 53-31-42910
Birthdate: July 24, 1965
Sentence: 24 years
Prison: National Prisoners’ Hospital at the Combinado del Este Prison (Havana) -
Accusation: Violation of Law No.88 and Article 91