viernes, junio 16, 2006

Felicidades Papá.

Masiel Díaz Sánchez, daughter of a Cuban political prisoner sends wishes to her imprisoned father on Father's Day: "I wish you could give me a kiss before I sleep and I wish you could tell me a story....Come back soon. I miss you. I want you so much".

This young girl was victim, along with the Ladies in White, of an aggression by the fascist mobs led by the political police when, on 2004, they attacked the Ladies who were going out of the Santa Rita church in Havana.

Five physicians and a dentist, who were arbitrarily arrested, summarily tried, sentenced and imprisoned in Cuba. These six men are all considered prisoners of conscience. The Cuban government for peacefully exercising their independent political views prosecuted them; consequently, they must be unconditionally released. Inhumane prison conditions and cruel treatment by penal authorities in Cuba are directly responsible for the severe deterioration of the physical and mental health of these Cuban professionals.

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