lunes, mayo 15, 2006

Five physicians and a dentist, who were arbitrarily arrested, summarily tried, sentenced and imprisoned in Cuba.

Internationally, these six men are all considered prisoners of conscience. The Cuban government for peacefully exercising their independent political views prosecuted them; consequently, they must be unconditionally released. Inhumane prison conditions and cruel treatment by penal authorities in Cuba are directly responsible for the severe deterioration of the physical and mental health of these Cuban professionals.
Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet Gonzalez.
A blak Cuban physician (Specialist in Internal Medicine) and follower of Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King, He is a leader in the peaceful civil rights movement that struggles to establish a state based on the rule of law through nonviolent civil disobedience in Cuba. Arrested more than 26 times, Dr. Biscet is President of the unofficial Lawton Foundation for Human Rights in Havana, a pro-life, human rights organization. Due to his human rights activities.
Dr. Biscet was expelled from the Cuban National Health System; prohibited from practicing as a physician in his own country; his wife was dismissed from her job as a nurse; and his family was evicted from their home. He served a 3-year sentence in a maximum security prison 450 miles away from his home (1999-2002), accused of “insult to the symbols of the homeland’, ‘public disorder’, and ‘incitement to commit an offense’ for displaying two Cuban flags in an inverted vertical position at a press conference where a public march was announced to denounce human rights violations during the 1999 Latin American Summit in Havana.
Dr. Biscet was released on October 31, 2002, was rearrested 36 days later, and was tried April 7, 2003, during a Cuban governmental crackdown that took place in March-April 2003. He was sentenced under article 91 of the Penal Code to 25 years in prison. Since 2003, he has been confined during 15 months to punishment cells for refusing, as a prisoner of conscience, to obey any prison rule applied to common prisoners. On one occasion, he lost 40 pounds when he was placed in an underground dungeon with a dangerous criminal. He is presently loosing most of his teeth due to a serious gum disease.
Family: (Wife) Elsa Morejón Hernandez, (a nurse) and two children (in exile).
Address: Acosta 464 entre 8va y 9na, Lawton, Municipio 10 de Octubre, La Habana, Cuba
Phone: +53-7-991774
Birthdate: July 20, 1961
Sentence: 25 years
Prison: Combinado del Este (Havana)
Accusation: Article 91 of the Penal Code.
Campaing on behalf of Cuban physician and dentist, prisoners of conscience in Cuban prisons. Coalition of Cuban –American Women.

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Anónimo dijo...

Simple y llanamente lo que siente el dictador Fidel Castro..por el Dr Biscet no es odio pero panico. Biscet tal como lo fueron Jose Marti, Antonio Maceo....representa la rebeldia, el honor, la dignidad que han perdido muchos en la Cuba de Castro, por miedo, por oportunismo, doble moral....por eso el paga..por la cobardia de muchos..y por el desprecio y el odio de Fidel Castro hacia el pueblo Cubano.
Un amigo y compatriota.

Dr Rafael Edgar Puente Roca