viernes, junio 23, 2006

Foreign medical students complain about lost Internet connection.

Por: José Manuel Caraballo Bravo.*

Foreign medical students at the Morón School of Medical Science are complaining that the Internet connection has been inoperative for as long as weeks now.

"I am waiting for the connection to be reestablished to find out if my family has answered an e-mail that I sent them several weeks ago," said one student.

Some of the students said they had connected through the dollar-denominated Internet facilities operated for the exclusive use of foreigners by the Cuban telephone company. In general, Cubans are not allowed access to the Internet.

The students at the school come from Africa, Asia, Latin America and several Arab countries.

* Cuban independent journalist, APLA agency. Moron, Cuba, June, 2006.

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Steven Mansour dijo...

I have several friends studying at a few different medical school in Cuba, around Havana, Santa Clara and Santiago. While internet access is slow and intermittent because of the satellite connection, they've never had any problems getting online, and neither have their Cuban counterparts in the same schools.