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An unusual nose surgery made in Cuba.

Venezuelan woman went to Cuba for a nose surgery and returned with a disfigured face .
May 6 - Ifley Patty, a 40 year old Venezuelan woman who went to Cuba for a nose reconstruction, told Globovision that she returned with a disfigured face, a missing right cheekbone and a loss of her sense of taste.
Patty traveled to Cuba as part of the health agreement signed between the two countries, which allow Venezuelans to go to the island to receive medical treatment.
The woman told Globovision that she contracted bacteria during the operation at a Cuban Hospital.
Patty decided to make her case public because Venezuelan authorities have refused to help her.
A doctor from the state of Aragua, who is trying to help her, told Globovision that "whoever did this cannot be considered a surgeon."
The doctor said that the Venezuelan authorities have "closed all the doors" to their attempts to get help for her. "They do not want t accept these type of complaints," he said.
Patty, who used to be a model, told that she now has problems breathing and talking.
"I just want to get back to having a normal life," the woman told.
See the video made CLICK HERE.
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Dr Menguele dijo...

El médico cubano, Jesús Borges, aseguró este viernes que Ifley Patti veterinaria que fue a Cuba para realizarle una operación con el convenio Venezuela - Cuba y que ahora denuncia mala praxis médica, ha sido “asesorada con el fin de hacer daño” y “desacreditar” a la medicina que se practica en la isla. El doctor aseguró que es falso que Patti allá llegado sana a la isla, pues cree que “nadie va a operarse si esta sano”, y que su ingreso en el convenio se dio por las secuelas que dejó una tuberculosis bovina que le destruyó gran parte de los cartílagos nasales.