viernes, enero 26, 2007

Cuban Health System offers five-star Hospitals for Canadians.

While Cuban patients who require hospitalization are forced to use filthy facilities that are not fit for humans, a Quebec company is offering to arrange speedy health-care services at "five-star hospitals" for Canadians who are willing to go to Cuba and pay the dictator in had currency.
Services Sante International charges $200 per medical file and patients must make their own flight and insurance arrangements.
President and founder Lucie Vermette said Tuesday that hip replacements cost between $5,000 and $6,000 and cataract operations cost $2,000 in Cuba. The Cuban doctors also do esthetic surgery. "The care is given by highly qualified doctors and in five-star hospitals," said Vermette, who has been to Cuba and added she has checked doctor qualifications.
How come the embargo doesn't affect those "five-star" hospitals? As we have always maintained, the only embargo that hurts the Cuban people is Castro's internal embargo, which he has been using for almost 50 years, as another tool to control the population.
And there are still ignorant people around the world, including the U.S., who keep talking about the "great healthcare that Cubans receive" thanks to Castro. Cubans are not Canadians! Cubans are not Europeans! Cubans are not Venezuelans! Cubans are Cubans, and in any civilized country people would be sent to jail for treating animals the way that regular Cubans are treated at Castro's hospitals. But for many people, animals are more important than Cubans.
Photo: Hospital facilities for Cubans.
Source: The Real Cuba

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