martes, diciembre 26, 2006

“Castro does not have Cancer”.

The Spanish surgeon treating Fidel Castro said today that the Cuban dictator does not have cancer and is recovering slowly from a serious operation. Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido flew to Havana last Thursday to see Castro and determine how his treatment was progressing.
García Sabrido said that the Cuban dictator suffered a "benign process with a lot of complications."
"He hasn't got cancer" Garcia Sabrido said at Madrid's Gregorio Marañon Hospital, where he is chief surgeon. "It is not planned that he will undergo another operation for the moment," he said. "His condition is stable. He is recovering from a very serious operation."
Spanish authorities confirmed Monday that a leading surgeon who treats ailing Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has flown to Havana last week to study whether he should undergo more surgery. Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido, chief surgeon at Madrid's Gregorio Marañon Hospital, traveled to Havana Thursday, Madrid region health official Manuel Lamela told reporters. He also added that Madrid's health department has been sending medicines to Cuba since June, but he declined to say which type of medical material or anything about Castro's condition. "If I did, I would be revealing the patient's pathology and we would be violating medical confidentiality and the Cuban government's media policy."
On Sunday, the Spanish hospital where Dr. Garcia Sabrido works refused to reveal any details about what the doctor found after examining Castro. On Monday, several Spanish newspapers revealed that before he left on an urgent trip to Cuba, Dr. Sabrido discussed with Castro's team of doctors the possibility of another surgery to try to stop the internal bleeding that has been affecting the old dictator. It seems that the doctors currently treating Castro would prefer to wait for some signs of recovery before attempting a second operation. Dr. Garcia Sabrido is expected to make the final decision after he examined the dictator. According to sources at the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid, it is possible that no news about the current health of the dictator would be made public in the next few days.
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