sábado, septiembre 16, 2006

Increase in hepatitis cases reported in Havana.

Por: Jose A Fornaris. *

Havana, Cuba - August 2006 - With nearly 300 cases of hepatitis reported thus far this year, doctors say the disease is on the upswing; new cases during the last two weeks were reported to exceed 70.

Health authorities said that they were considering bringing judicial proceedings against patients who do not observe the prescribed rest periods after being diagnosed with the disease, contributing to its spread, but doctors said the disease is mostly spread through water-borne pathogens.

Several months back health authorities were operating under the assumption that students suffering from the disease were a primary source of infection when their parents sent them back to school before they fully recovered, but the school year ended more than 30 days back without any abatement in the rate of infection.

Last Monday, health officials in the Managua health clinic were unable to perform diagnostic tests on suspected cases of hepatitis because the required instrument was out of order.

* Periodista Independiente. Agencia Cuba-verdad.

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