miércoles, septiembre 27, 2006

Dengue fever claimed hundreds lives across the Cuba Island.

By: Jose Antonio Fornaris. *

Rumors about disease rampant in the face of official silence.

HAVANA, Cuba - September 2006 - Some say dengue fever has claimed 700 lives across the island; some say dozens have died in Havana alone. Another report has the director of a hospital succumbing to the disease.

In the end, no one can say for certain; the government-controlled media have not acknowledged the spread of the disease while many claim to know of at least one case of the mosquito-borne illness.

Last Monday, Carlos Campos, a 61-year-old physician who was director of the Luis de la Puente Uceda hospital died; some say of heart disease, others claim dengue was the cause of death.

Campos was the chief of the team of doctors performing medical tests on Cubans migrating to the United States.

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* Independent journalist. Cuba Verdad Press Agency.

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