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Reactions to story from Medicina Cubana

Reactions to story from Medicina Cubana
La información que desde hace dos días es noticia en El Nuevo Herald y algunos paginas Web de temas cubanos, apareció hace muchos días en las páginas del Blog Medicina Cubana. Aquí la Información de Technorati:
Reactions to story from Medicina Cubana
“Re-examining the Cuban Health Care System”. Article in UM’s Cuban Affairs Journal Reveals Details.
http://medicinacubana.blogspot.com/ 2007/ 07/ re-examining-cuban-health-care-system...
Contrary to what Michael Moore’s documentary, “Sicko,” would lead you to believe, Cuba’s health care system is far from perfect. Although it has long been praised as one of the revolution successes, Cuba’s health care system works for foreigners but often fails its own citizens. That is the conclusion of an article titled “Re-examining the Cuban Health Care System” included in the latest edition of the online journal, “Cuban Affairs,” published by the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies.
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