viernes, enero 18, 2008

Demand Medical Attention for Critically Ill Cuban Prisoners.

Jailed Cuban activists Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Paneque and Tony Diaz are dangerously ill and are not receiving vital medical treatment, according to their family members.
Dr. Garcia Paneque was healthy when arrested in 2003 but now suffers from malabsorption syndrome and has lost nearly half of his body weight. His health has deteriorated rapidly over the past several weeks. Tony Diaz has been diagnosed with a tumor in his prostate and ulcerative colitis in his colon. Despite repeated requests for medical attention, both men continue to be held untreated in prison.
Join us in urging Cuban authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Paneque and Tony Diaz and to provide them with the necessary medical treatment as long as they remain in detention.
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Visit the web address Human Rights First to tell your friends about this important case.
Photo: Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Paneque.

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