miércoles, marzo 07, 2007

US Medical teams will go to Cuba as Christian mission.

Is it a “Miracle Operation” from US?
Cuba: 17-24 March 2007. Multi-specialty medical, surgical, nursing, audiology, etc. This will be a one week trip but we hope to meet with the Western Baptist Medical and Dental Fellowship. This is a group of about 700 Cuban doctors, dentists and nurses who love the Lord. On our just completed trip in Nov 06, the ENT doctors shared our sinus experiences with the Cuban ENT doctors at the first national congress under Fidel. It went so well, the ENTs hope to participate in the first ever Ear Congress.
The 2007 Cuba trip is set with a really great team. We will gather in Miami on the eve of 16 March 07 and be in Cuba 17-24 March 07. We will have the largest multi-specialty team ever, BUT... this could be the last Cuba trip for several years. Our visa license expires just after this trip and will have to re-apply Our government has a very unfavorable attitude toward Christian missions to Cuba?.
David Parson Ministries.
Additional information in: ReiCuba
Photo was taken in Cuba; it’s appearing in Web site. No description about it .

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