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How the best maternity-infant Hospital in Cuba looks now.

Another example of the "great health facilities" that Castro has built for the Cuban people.
On May 20, 1989, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro inaugurated the new maternity ward at the Julio Trigo Hospital in Arroyo Naranjo, near Havana. It was a very modern facility with 425 beds. Here is what he said at the time:
"Well, I think we have a magnificent hospital facility. It was finished a few weeks ago and has already started to render services, except the inauguration was delayed a little. That's fine though because we are still on time. I was saying that it is a magnificent hospital facility. I asked the public health investor: How does it compare with other maternity hospitals? He said to me: Undoubtedly, this is the best one in Cuba. This is logical because I think that every new thing we make should be better.... As with every one of these hospitals, there will be something that will be amended; there will be things that are perfected. Even though they are similar projects, there is no doubt that each one will be better than the other. Here, however, we have the best maternity-infant hospital in the country."
That was in 1989. Do you want to see how "the best maternity-infant hospital" in Cuba looks now?
And then we have to hear Jimmy Carter and the other useful idiots talking about the "wonderful health facilities" that Castro has built for the Cuban people. And we also have to hear other useful idiots who blame the embargo for everything that is wrong in Castro's Cuba. It is not the embargo. It's the mismanagement, the stupidity and the corruption that are an integral part of this illegal regime that has been destroying Cuba for 48 years.
Thanks to the person who sent these photos directly from Cuba at great personal risk and to our reader who sent them to us.
Click Here if you want to read what Castro said when this hospital was inaugurated
Source: The Real Cuba.
Las fotos corresponden al Hospital Lebredo, adjunto al Hospital General Docente “Julio Trigo López” donde radicaba el servicio de Obstetricia, Ginecología y Neonatología de este Hospital General. Allí trabaje entre 1991-1996 en el Servicio de Oncología, ya por esta fecha la destrucción era casi total.( Nota del Editor)

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mira diculpame ,en ciertas cosas tienes razon y en otras no ,el mal manejo de las cosas en cuba tiene parte de su razon en la ideologia politica socialista estupida por un lado ,auque no se puede dejar de reconcer que el embargo afecta y mucho, hay que ser muy estupido para no darse cuenta de esas cosas,el mal manejo de las entidades por parte de gente no capacitada ,un gobierno que no deja el paso de la propiedad privada en pequenos negocios ,no puede ser producttivo .