sábado, octubre 14, 2006

In Cuba health workers threatened if outbreak information leaks.

By: Abel Escobar Ramírez. *

Moron, Cuba - September 2006 - Workers at the Morón General Hospital in Ciego de Ávila province say they have been warned that should any of them leak any information about the current outbreak of dengue fever they will lose their jobs without any right to appeal.

One worker who asked not to be named said the different departments in the facility have been informed that should any information leak out to radio stations or web pages abroad, the informants will be fired because this information, according to hospital administrators, "is used by the enemy to overthrow the Revolution."

The worker said that in general workers are fearful to express any concerns they may have lest they be taken as informants and fired. So, he said, a recent breakdown of the water pumps feeding the hospital went unreported for days.

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