sábado, agosto 05, 2006

Fidel Castro Tummy Ache.

American surgeons talk about: What's wrong with Castro?

Inside Surgery conclusion: Castro has widely metastatic colon cancer and will be dead in the next several weeks without ever regaining control of the country.

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to read their analysis of what is wrong with the Cuban dictator

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Steven Bauer dijo...

That article about Castro's sickness is very informative and professional for people like me that don't know so much about the subject.

Great work, Dr. Eloy Gonzalez!

Thank you for this terrific blog.
Belkis Cuza Male

Anónimo dijo...

Doctors at the exclusive Cimeq hospital in western Havana are accustomed to handling the delicate health problems of Cuba's communist elite.

It was here last weekend, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt, that they battled for several hours to save the life of the regime's most important patient, Fidel Castro. Unable to stem intestinal bleeding with drugs, the country's top surgeons performed an emergency operation on the veteran leader.

To all but a handful of trusted doctors and his closest lieutenants, President Castro's medical condition has been shrouded in mystery, described as a "state secret" in words attributed to the dictator until, on Friday, the health minister, José Ramón Balaguer, said he was recovering and "will be back with us soon".

The 79-year-old president is understood to have undergone surgery on Saturday at Cimeq before being wheeled back from the operating theatre to the floor reserved for him and his 75-year-old brother, Raúl. The facility is in the district of Siboney, home to Cuba's most prestigious scientific research complex and near Gen Castro's official residence in a tightly guarded military zone.

The Cuban leader received treatment on a par with the best in the world. But most Cubans, reliant on the supposedly universal health system, have to pay for even basic drugs such as aspirin and the equivalent of £30 for "extras" such as X-rays.

Anónimo dijo...

Extreme news from the Cuban nderground.... Sources from Argentina and from the underground that have contacted us have announced tonight that Fidel Castro was shot and his brother Raul wounded 10 or 12 days ago in a commando attack by members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces linked to General Arnaldo Ochoa the Cuban Angola hero executed some years ago by the Castro brothers.

According to this information,there was never surgery for intestinal
bleeding and there was never any hospitalization.

These news have not been confirmed by independent news agencies and are
vehemently denied by Castro-Communist Government as of this moment today, Sunday August 6, 9 PM (2006).remains very fluid but calm tonight.