sábado, octubre 01, 2005

Threat of an “Act of Repudiation” directed toward the wife of a Cuban doctor who is a prisoner of conscience and their four young children.

Yamilet Llanes Labrada, wife of prisoner of conscience, José Luis García Paneque, is presently very alarmed and worried about her physical safety and that of her four young children in their home in Las Tunas.

Upon returning home from visiting her husband in the Hospital of the Combinado del Este Prison, neighbors informed Mrs. Llanes Labrada that her name is on a list along with three other citizens that the Committee in Defense of the Revolution (CDR) publicly designated in mid September as “counter-revolutionaries” and terrorists that knock on the doors of homes and, inadvertently, place firecrackers and bombs. The CDR told neighbors in Las Tunas to remove their containers of drinking water from the entrances to their houses because these counter-revolutionaries poisoned the water, and they warned the neighbors not to let their children go near Mrs. Llanes Labrada’s home because she has the means to drug children in order to indoctrinate and use them.
Yamilet is suffering from chronic headaches, and she urgently denounces the following:
I am under a latent threat of a possible “Act of Repudiation”, since one of the persons pointed out by the CDR has already suffered an act of repudiation. Organized pro-government mobs brutally harass and beat marked citizens by surrounding their homes, banging on the doors and windows, and shouting obscenities. The suffering that the unjust incarceration of their father has caused my children is not enough. There is already a traumatic, psychological risk for them. María Caridad, (6), José Alejandro, (8), Shirlen, (10), and Sheila, (14), are in a constant state of stress that doesn’t go away. My children are not safe in the streets or in their schools, and even less in their own home.
Before the United Nations and all organizations that promote human rights in the world, I denounce how serious the risk can be for a child in Cuba.”10/1/2005

Yamile de los Angeles Llanes Labrada.
Calle Emilio González #63, entre Eliades Ávila y José Licea, Reparto Aguilera. Las Tunas, Cuba
Tel: +53-31-42910
Photo: Left: Dr. Jose L Garcia Paneque, prisoner of conscience
Right: Violent “Act of Repudiation”

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