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Pakistani-Cuban Doctors Association: Appeal to get the issues of Cuban graduated doctors.

Pakistani-Cuban Doctors Association: Appeal to get the issues of Cuban graduated doctors.
We the physicians of Pakistani descent, graduated from Latin American Medical (ELAM) School of Cuba, under project administered by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan under the Scholarship program offered by Republic of Cuba in 2007, out of our conviction for our profession and motherland, collectively we all can: upgrade medical care, uphold ethical and moral values, engage in social and professional activities, support educational & intellectual pursuits.
Friday, 12 December 2014
Appeal to get the issues of Cuban graduated doctors
To, Honorable Senators,  Senate of Pakistan.
Subject:  Appeal to get the issues of Cuban graduated doctors in your due notice.
It is very appreciative to find your foreseeing step related to the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC), in the benefit of medical graduates from institutes within Pakistan as well as the foreign medical graduates. We are very confident to your diplomatic and concrete decision powers and believe that you will bring a positive solution in this matter benefitting both the doctors and our country by providing them with a strong and justified medical council.
I avail this brief to your honor for the reason that I on behalf of Cuban graduated doctors intend to let our issues in to your kind notice regarding the degree recognition by PM&DC. These 1000 alumni from Cuba were selected and sent on HEC scholarships as per the policies and regulations of the said organization on merit basis from all over of Pakistan in the year 2007-08. As Cuban Medical Sciences has its own fame on the globe due to unique teaching system, methodology of practicing preventive medicine, planning for eradicating many of severe infectious diseases, advancement in biotechnology and vaccination, its free state-wide distribution of medical services, and the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Oncology. The health indicators of Cuba are quite satisfying as compared to most of the other states. The institutes of medical sciences of Cuba are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and Pan American Medical Organization. Furthermore, our titles from the respective medical institutes are also recognized by the former said international organizations and also by many members of European Union and several Latin American Countries.
Accordingly we are facing with many obstacles in the way of practicing Cuban medical learning in our homeland, which are as follows:
·           NEB test conducted by PM&DC for issuing RMP License
·           The availability of service as signed in the deed of agreement with HEC
We request and demand to exempt the NEB Test by PM&DC for us (the 1000 Cuban Graduated Doctors) and an issuance of RMP License.
We also wish to suggest the following:
"If in case of the NEB Test conducted by PM&DC cannot be exempted (which is a possible condition in itself), then a brief proficiency exam must be arranged to test of our medical knowledge and a certain time period to observe our capabilities and issue us a Registered Medical Practitioner license as soon as possible".
We are ready to be utilized for the betterment of health system of our land and bring in use those Cuban & other modern methods followed these days in the advanced health systems.
It is not the first try to acknowledge the issue to authorities, since the course of our stay in Cuba; we have always tried to communicate with the authorities of Cuba (Commandant in Chief His Excellency Mr. Fidel Castro (Former President of Cuba) and the Health Ministry) and Pakistan (Senate, HEC and PM&DC) on various occasions. Some of the names to mention are Chairman Senate, Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari, Sabir Ali Baloch (Deputy Chairman Senate of Pakistan) , Mr. Syed Mushaid Hussain, Madam Shireen Mazari,  all the members of Health Committee to Senate of Pakistan, Madam Nilofer Bakhtiar, and many others including journalists are aware of the case.
     Through this writing, I once again, place the request of these young doctors to consider the obstacles and ponder for a relief in this regard which will avoid a big brain drain of young professional who can be a healthy future for any piece of land they settle in. And, please highlight our issue as it is not just a matter of recognition and employment, but also a way to fulfill many expectations from these doctors of our people, their families and the bilateral relations between Pakistan & Cuba.
     We represent ourselves through an association named as Pakistani-Cuban Doctors Association (PCDA).
     I hope that you will give a positive response to our appeal and admire your kind efforts in this regard.
Thank You

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