jueves, julio 25, 2013

Cuba: The riddle of the secret with cholera.

By Jaime Leygonier.
Havana, July 23. - The spread of the cholera epidemic in the country is kept in strict secrecy by the government and reported by the independent press whose reports which town of Cuba or Havana neighborhood recorded cases being left almost news, the news would be: Where there is no cholera in Cuba?
Doctors diagnose cholera are prohibited, they have to write in the certificate "gastrointestinal disease", less can the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) enact quarantines or inform local health international, because officially there is no cholera in Cuba.
In 2012, on TV a spokesman solemnly declared extinct MINSAP outbreak "gastrointestinal disease" in the area of eastern Cuba where the epidemic began, all the press reproduced the "Information Note" ministerial.
Since then spread across the island in winter and recovers lessened virulence by the summer heat and rain.
Dictatorship in the time of cholera modem operandi embraces her lying on her reality lies or deaths!
And as a black joke circulating this riddle: Where is the only place in Cuba where there never will be cholera, dengue fever and malaria....? In the Press.

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