lunes, abril 27, 2009

Wash your hands.....if you can find soap

The Cuban government is telling its citizens to wash their hands frequently to prevent the spread of the swine flu.
The problem with that is that soap in Cuba is rationed, due the internal embargo of the Castro brothers against the Cuban people.
Unless you have dollars, you are limited to the soap ration that the government allows you to buy, which normally runs out in less than 2 weeks.
Cuba also said that it will limit the number of flights from and to Mexico.
Read the information:
Cuba to limit Mexico flights amid swine flu fearsHAVANA, April 27 ,2009 (Reuters) - The Cuban government said on Monday it will limit flights to and from Mexico as one of the measures it was taking to prevent an outbreak of swine flu on the island nation.
There are several flights daily between Havana and Mexico City and Havana and the Mexican beach resort of Cancun. But the government announcement, published in state-run press, did not say whether the number of flights would be reduced or simply maintained at the current level.
There was no mention of whether any cases of swine flu had been detected in Cuba.
It also advised Cubans to wash their hands frequently and to cover their mouths and nose when they sneeze or cough.
Sources: The Real Cuba and Reuters.Cartoon: cagle.msnbc

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~Zurama~ dijo...

What a nightmare. I hope the Cubans don't have to fight the swine flu! They don't eat well as it is. :(