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Dr. Darsi Ferrer, a Doctor, a Dissident, a Humanitarian Hero.

My blog’s readers know Dr. Darsi Ferrer, the Cuban independent doctor and peaceful dissident fighting against the regime, and its medical and tourist apartheid.
Dr Darsi Ferrer challenged Mr. Michael Moore by showing the real healthcare, the one reserved to ordinary Cubans. He has been victim of numerous ‘repudiation acts’ and beatings by plainclothes agents of the state security and the political police. By these and many other photos show how his work is appreciated by the Cuban people.
Here he is seen delivering medicines and clothes to people living in Havana’s poorest neighborhood. This is part of the dissident’s campaign named “No to Social Exclusion”. Such a campaign has been carried out since more than one year and already involved many other neighborhoods. In these moving pics, you can see the people’s happiness, something rarely seen in Castro’s Cuba. Medicines, food and clothes distributed are donated by the exiled movements.
I am posting this one early, and it is for good reason: Cuban political prisoner Dr. Darsi Ferrer, one of the Castro regime's more effective and eloquent critics, desperately needs the world to step up on his behalf and demand that he be released from prison or at the least, receive a fair court hearing on the so-called "charges" pending against him.
Ferrer, a physician, human rights activist and independent journalist, has been jailed since his arrest July 21. No formal charges have been filed, but he apparently has been accused with buying some cement and other construction materials to repair his home.
Cuban law dictates that Ferrer should have had a court hearing by now, the middle of October, but so far, none has been held. The lack of anything resembling due process demonstrates this is a political, not criminal, prosecution.
In protest of the "arbitrary" way officials are handling his case, Ferrer on Oct. 13 declared that he had started a hunger strike, according to an open letter released by his wife, which you can read below.
In her letter, Yusnaimy Jorge Sosa, describes various delays in the proceedings against her husband. The case should have been resolved by now, but Ferrer remains in jail.
"The government's intention is very clear: Keep Darsi in jail for political reasons, without the slightest concern or regard for its own laws," Jorge wrote.
Jorge implored the international community to stand up on behalf of her husband.
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