lunes, julio 16, 2007

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet Gonzalez and others - Assistance Requested.

Tanya S. Wilder.*
Dear Friends,
As a human rights activist who advocates on behalf of Cuban political prisoners, I have a request for assistance from you. This coming Friday, July 20th, is Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet's 46th birthday, and Laida Carro, President of The Coalition of Cuban-American Women and I are trying to get as much information about him and his situation out as we can. Laida has put together recent information on Oscar (see below), and I have attached the most recent letter from Elsa Morejón, his wife.
My request is quite simple: could you find time to write either an op-ed piece or a letter to be included in your local newspaper and/or sent to major newspapers across the country in honor of Dr. Biscet's birthday.? I'd like to hit the major newspapers in DC, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami (and anywhere else we could get a piece published). You probably know the best periodicals to include in your area. We are always looking for ways to create an awareness of the situation of political prisoners in Cuban prisons, and Biscet's upcoming birthday provides us a great opportunity to "hit the press," so to speak.
As I'm sure you know, the condition of political prisoners in Cuba has reached extremely critical proportions. Quite frankly, they are dying. Dr. Biscet is still in a maximum security prison, has lost most of his teeth, and has developed an ulcer, as well as osteoporosis. Read what his says below about the conditions in which he is housed. Elsa's letter also provides significant information.
Your assistance at this time would be GREATLY appreciated. And, if you have other ideas as to how we can get news about Biscet and others out and/or groups or individuals that might be of assistance for us, I'll be more than glad to make a contact. I have also attached information about other doctors and a dentist who are incarcerated. Dr. José Luis García Paneque's birthday is July 24th, so perhaps you could include information about him in a piece as well. Paneque's health has deteriorated so much since his incarceration that he has lost almost half of his body weight.
All the best to each of you and mil gracias in advance for your assistance...
Tanya S. Wilder
* Human Rights Committee / Coalition of Cuban-American Women.
4920 Warren Chapel Road Marietta, OH 45750.740.374.5604 (H).740.350.4373 (Cell)

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