lunes, enero 18, 2016

Cuban surgeons rented to Chile.

The Cuban regimen sells qualified health workforce and denied the right to do the same on their own.
By Dr. Eduardo Herrera. *
In the emergency at Department of surgery at the University Hospital "Calixto García", last December 18, informed medical specialists the chance to go to work in Chile for 3 months. The salary offer is thousand dollars a month, according to rinse off the head of the service, informed by the director of the Hospital.
This happens only a few weeks have restricted travel of physicians by announcement. According to the official note, it was a measure that was taken by necessity, since they caused a deficit in attention to the population. However, the official argument does not seem very relevant, especially if they are still devoting thousands of doctors to work in other countries, sent by the same nurture which prohibits such a decision when it is private.
With this measure, the national Government leaves clear how slavery way medical staff has. It offers Governments taking a figure much higher than that paid to the same doctors, even less to those who see a natural counterpart of the country that sent them.
So both Governments with the benefit that produce well-qualified professionals are preferred.
University Hospital "Calixto Garcia" La Habana,Cuba
The Cuban Government gets scandalous profits and the recipient Government indirect advantages in economic, or direct political. In the first case, due to the low wage that perceived labor for rent, pocketing nurture 75% of what you earn. And in the second case, because the cheap coming out to the recipient country improvements in the health service which would offer its citizens.
Different rulers are using this business with huge gains of the Cuban State to succeed in his political campaigns. And they do so without repairing what is subjected to these Cuban professionals in their own country of origin, receiving wages that do not pass 70 dollars a month. It is a figure that would not reach them to lead a life as any industry professional in another nation, even poorer.
Therefore, what the Cuban authorities are trying to prevent is the output of many physicians with personal contracts, by those who perceive much more fair wages. And probably achieve their objectives thanks to coercion imposed to its analogues.
Case, it is the reason that is, is abruptly reduced supply of free private contracting of Cuban specialists had been proposing in countries such as Angola, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile and some more.
Prices for the legalization of titles and notes by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), as well as the passport and the passages are very high in relation to the salaries that are paid in our country. However, many still try to sell what little they possess in the family to make going out to work to another nation, in search of a decent remuneration.
A lot of doctors in Cuba are ready to be hired in countries where the human work we do is recognized and therefore will pay us fees that really meet our needs. The democratic countries  where reigns the justice independent of the State, should not make deals with modern slavers as the Cuban State. And medical schools or other organizations as the World Labor Organization (ILO online) should prevent to continue with the exploitation of their doctors.
*Dr. Eduardo Herrera Duran is a physician specialist in Surgery. He lives in the city of Havana, Cuba and works at the University Hospital "Calixto García". He collaborates with the Cuban Agency of independent press, Hablemos Press, on health issues. Some of his articles appear in the Blog of Cuban Medicine. (Microsoft translator)

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