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Abandonment and neglect in the health system in Cuba.

Health in Cuba: apart from the impressive achievements.
By Paulino Alfonso Estevez.
It is true that in comparison with African countries and many in Latin America and Asia, in terms of health, Cuba can show impressive achievements, which are presented by the propaganda of the regime as one of the greatest achievements of the revolution.
However, in public health in Cuba, beyond the impressive achievements, there are enough abandonment and neglect. Suffice it to recall that in January 2010, in the Psychiatric Hospital of Mazorra, died of hunger and cold in 26 patients.
The Castro regime, in Exchange for money and political purposes, diverted to other countries health care, to the detriment of the Cuban people.
Patients who died on the Psychiatric Hospital of malnutrition and cold.
Since 2002, only for medical services, the Cuban regime has received 120 000 000 $ of the Venezuelan Government.
It also receives annually 2 500 000 dollars on the part of other more than 30 Governments also staffed by Cuban doctors.
No country in the third world has received such amount of money for the export of human resources.
Despite this avalanche of money giving the exportation of medical and paramedical, the Cuban people live, as saying the Spanish, to two servings, of hunger and need.
A few years ago, as reported to the Communist Party by the then Minister of health, José Ramón Balaguer, in Havana there was 300 closed clinics because "their doctors were in Venezuela or other countries".In the other provinces had nearly 500 clinics closed.
For 20 years the regime not dealt with repair of clinics, polyclinics and hospitals. 5 years ago decided to undertake partial repairs (have only made an overhaul in the Hospital "Calixto García", in El Vedado).
Six years ago, a Prince of Saudi Arabia donated 30 million dollars for the reconstruction of the children's Hospital "Pedro Borras", Vedado. But it seems that this donation was used in another thing, because what was that children's hospital is now a heap of ruins. ( Microsoft translator)
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