lunes, octubre 13, 2014

Ebola, populism and the government of Cuba.

Taken this from the center of that perfect and ideal aseptic bubble is humanly understandable and entirely laudable the Cubans arrival to the land of the ebola. The problem begins precisely when Ban Ki-moon hung up his pone to Raul Castro. Maybe even earlier.
Essentially, how much of voluntariness have those who chose to pack with no possible return from Sierra Leone? What will be the political cost of those who dared to say no?
Let's stop making stories. All Cubans know about pressures of all kinds, publics, secrets, silenced and not silenced, crawling throughout the halls of the government offices, public institutions, unavoidable communist party's meetings and communist youth associations, travel possibilities and courses abroad, staff turnover and better salaries and jobs, and even others more personal.
Socialist extortions fill the pockets of the white robes of Cuban doctors and nurses. Of every Cuban.

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