lunes, diciembre 31, 2007

¿Becoming a doctor for this?

This doctor works at the Central Committee of Cuba's Communist Party, the building which can be seen in the foreground.
He is one of several doctors who are there to provide medical care to anyone who works at the Communist Party headquarters.
He told the person who sent us the picture that he works 14 hours every other day. And after working so many hours, he has to hitchhike his way home because he cannot afford to have a car.
Our friend tried to get more information from him, but when the doctor realized that he had a camera, he refused to say anything else.
What good is it to study hard and become a doctor, if you have to live under a system where you cannot even afford your own transportation?
But there are still many ignorant people who are always talking about the "free education" that Cubans receive under Castro, when the truth is that it is the most expensive education in the world.
You not only lose all your human rights; your right to choose your own leaders and system of government; but you also become a slave of the only employer in the whole island: The multimillionaire fascist dictator who can tell you to work as many hours as he wants, or send you overseas away from your family for several years to earn the hard currency that he needs to keep his brutal regime in power.
Photo.The Real Cuba.

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