viernes, septiembre 07, 2007

All about the real Cuban health care.

Make sure to watch ABC 20/20 this Friday September 7 ALL ABOUT THE REAL CUBAN HEALTH CARE!
ABC 20/20 will have a segment this Friday about healthcare that regular Cubans receive. It will be a "Give me a break" segment hosted by John Stossel. It probably will be the last segment on that particular show. 20/20 airs at 10 PM EST and it lasts one hour. You will be able to see for the first time EVER on U.S. television, photos and videos taken inside Cuban hospitals, WITHOUT GOVERNMENTPERMISSION.
Click on the photo of Michael Moore on the right, and get a preview of the segment.
For your information, ABC's 20/20 program this Friday September 7 will feature a segment on Cuba's healthcare system. It will probably be the last segment of the hour-long program that begins at 10PM EST and should be appearing at around 10:45PM.
The piece is expected to feature photos and video clandestinely taken inside Cuban health facilities -and not the ones for foreigners or the ruling elite!
To encourage more coverage on this issue, it would be very helpful if you can send your feedback after the show to ABC NEWS.

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