viernes, junio 22, 2007

Release Seriously Ill Cuban Prisoner of Conscience

Jailed Cuban activist Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Paneque's health has recently deteriorated seriously. Dr. Garcia Paneque was taken to a Hospital in Bayamo, Cuba in early June by prison doctors because he was experiencing excruciating pain in his abdomen, and an ultrasound revealed that he has a cyst on one of his kidneys. Prison authorities say that surgery is required. Dr. Garcia Paneque's family fears that he may not survive such an operation.
Dr. Garcia Paneque is a medical doctor and independent journalist from the eastern province of Las Tunas, Cuba, who was arrested in March 2003 as part of a major crackdown on peaceful dissent in Cuba. He is serving a 24-year sentence for his legitimate, non-violent activities. As we reported last June, Dr. Garcia Paneque's health has been perilous for over three years. He suffers from chronic diarrhea and poor intestinal absorption, resulting in chronic malnutrition. His weight has dropped by nearly half since his incarceration--from 190 lbs to an emaciated 110 lbs. He has not received proper medical treatment and has not been allowed to consult with independent medical professionals.
Urge the Cuban authorities to release Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Paneque immediately and unconditionally, and to provide him with adequate and independent medical treatment as long as he remains in detention.
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