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We ask for help and solidarity to Olivia, a Cuban girl who suffers from optic nerve hypoplasia, schizencephaly and bilateral hippocampal atrophy.

Olivia is a Cuban girl three years old who suffers from multiple neurological problems; parents seek contact with other families with similar situations in the world and with experts from other countries who can contribute their opinions on treatment alternatives. This is the information below:
Olivia case: difficult but possible.
By: Osmel Almaguer.
Cuban doctors find no cure for a girl who suffers from optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH). He has refused to parents the possibility to consult other specialists outside the country.
Olivia de la Caridad, Cruz just three years old suffer, as a result of their disease, a neurological disorder that has reduced their hours of sleep less than four, preventing her from also vision. The disease is complicated by other illnesses as the unilateral schizencephaly on the right side, the atrophy bilateral hippocampal, among others.
The parents of Olivia, a Cuban girl stricken with optic nerve hypoplasia, recently reported its case through independent media, the refusal of solution by the Cuban doctors, who claim an effective treatment for this condition, is not known.
Photo: Olivia with her father 
"Doctors have recommended us a visual therapy, which consists of making work with it as if it were to be blind all life", says Erlinda Noris.
"[Specialists] people have shown more interest, but they do not have the knowledge necessary to treat such diseases, [...]" they have shown where have been able to reach, "says the father.
Erlinda Noris and Juan Cruz , who have accepted the conditions of the little girl from birth, have been proposed contact with other parents and doctors abroad who have faced similar situations and receive the help they as possible.
According to its own research via the Internet, is known that in countries such as China and the United States it has been implemented a treatment from stem cells, which some patients have partially recovered vision.
Before the efforts of both parents in different Cuban medical facilities, the answers have always been negative: We propose to Ministry of Public Health the possibility that the child receives treatment set that was part of the medical process. “Let us not access doctors from other countries. Simply do not let us contact doctors of the International Red Cross, the Spanish Red Cross or ONCE organization.
"We have gone to the Ministry of Health , the Ministry of Education, ANSI , UNICEF , WHO , Caritas Cuba  and Caritas Havana , but not serve us because we are a special case . We also come to church authorities and have refused us because our case could give a bad image of the country” Cruz said.
Hypoplasia, according to Wikipedia, is the name given to the arrested or incomplete development of an organ or part of it. It refers to a number of cells, inadequate or below normal.
Cuban doctors are unaware of - hypoplasia - disease for which consultation with foreign specialists can increase the recovery of Olivia. Countries as China and the EE.UU implement treatments with stem cells.
While efforts are slowed by the Cuban health authorities, the health of Olivia will continue to deteriorate daily.

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